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of some folks in particular that have helped us to celebrate the arts and humanities for many years. first of all, are democratic leader in the house of religions, nancy pelosi, a great champion of the arts is here. [applause] the chairman of the national endowment for the arts is here. the chairman of the national endowment for the humanities is here. [applause] the two most powerful people in the white house, joe biden and michelle obama, are here. [applause] and two recipients who were unable to be here but who we love. i want to make sure they are acknowledged. meryl streep and harper lee will not be here today, but they will be receiving their words as well. -- receiving their awards as well. i was told by my wife that i went all program, because originally we were supposed to get everybody seated and i was supposed to come in and make my formal remarks. i made my way through to see the honorees before they came out, because they are extraordinary people. one of the great joys of being president is getting the chance to pay tribute to the artist's, authors, poets, and performers who h
happy about that. >> we have time for questions from the floor here. i think zandi will help us with a microphone. raise your hand and now try to do a fair and balanced job of calling people. >> if you could state your name and association. >> first, i am what the national women's health network. i want to thank you so much for the report of having an evidence-base area for our health is important. we have been working to raise awareness for women about the benefits to women and working with are raising boys his campaign for the 1-year anniversary. we have launched another campaign so we are rangy -- awaiting the decision on those no-cost contraceptions. this report raises the question of the impact of this -- you both mentioned the ability of women to go and increase education. that impact on economic well- being and preservation of the work force in packs all aspects of women's lives. if you could comment on this, we are all awaiting them. >> i can start. we are also awaiting a. for those of you familiar with what the process, within the affordable. care act -- within the affo
and unions and has been called one of the most important cases in u.s. history. they produce 17 politically acclaimed documentaries including "ronald reagan -- rendezvous with destiny" and "rediscovering god and ameritech," with newt gingrich, screened here last night. please welcome david. [applause] this morning, we will hear we will hear five-seven minutes of remarks from each of our panelists, and then move to questions. first i would like to welcome marilyn. >> hello. i'm here to talk to you about a topic he may not think about liberty and taxation. wait a second. that seems like an oxymoron, right? under current tax system, it is absolutely true. i am here to challenge you today -- who should control your life for the mark should be the government using the tax code to decide what kind of clout for you do or do not buy? or are you in charge of your own life? i am here to talk to you about the fairtax bill. h.r. 25, it will give you control of your own life back. but say it passes today. what would be the first thing you would notice? in your paycheck, you would find it is a lot bigger
earlier today about military action by the u.s. and its allies against the forces of libyan leader muammar gaddafi. earlier today, libyan government troops attacked the rebel capital in violation of a un cease-fire resolute -- resolution. she made these remarks in paris at a summit of leaders gathered to address the ongoing violence in the country. this is about 25 minutes. >> hello. before we begin, i want to sell a few words about warren christopher. he was a friend, and mentor, and truly a diplomat's diplomat. he served our country with such great distinction in so many capacities over his long and very productive life. there are a lot of days in this job when i asked myself, what would warren do? from the balkans to the middle east, china, and vietnam, he helped guide the united states through difficult challenges with tremendous grace and wisdom. my thoughts and prayers are with his family and with his many, many friends and colleagues throughout our country and around the world. now, this has been a quick but predict if -- productive trip. first, let's remember how we got here. as yo
of business that can get this done. [applause] >> i used to run the new jersey lemon law. we dealt with recall and defect issues. i bought a ford affusion hybrid, and we had a toyota problem at the time. i got panicked one day on the road after i was mocking all of my friends that had the toyota prius, and my fourth fusion actually stopped. there was no power to break it. i know you deal with this kind of thing. hasn't been clearly resolved for hybrids? -- has yet been clearly resolved for hybrids? toyota seems to be the only problem with the breakings situation. >> thanks for the question. i would definitely suggest that people with this issue go to our website and fellow to the owners questionnaire if you have this issue. there is a difference between switching over to the hybrid electric engine. sometimes when you have a switchover, there is a feeling of deceleration. you are accelerating, but you are not slowing down as quickly as you would like to. whether you are on a hill or incline -- >> it can be a frightening thing. i was not going to get killed. >> my parents had a brand-new car, an
operations. and the process of the 2012 presidential primaries and cauc uses. "washington journal," at 7:4030 on c- >> we will hear from congressman steve king then michele bachmann, herman cain, and john bolton. >> several potential 2012 republican presidential candidates are in des moines, iowa this weekend to speak at the conservatives principles political action committee daylong conference. the group was established by iowa republican congressman steve king to encourage constitutional conservatives to run for elected offices. we will hear first from congressman king then from michele bachmann, herman cain, and former un ambassador john boldin. [applause] >> thank you very much. good morning. this is a great way to start a conference. anyone who woke up half asleep is more like i did is wide awake and ready to go. i what is wide awake and ready to go. we will launch this caucus season so we can stand on these proposed and hopefully the principles that we embody will be embodied by one or more of the presidential candidates. i have a feeling the dye will be cast before those pr
the ones we have in front of us. if you give aid to an organization on the primary basis -- even if it is humanitarian, you take away -- you provide them with the ability to conduct various activities. that is not really at issue here, is it? >> it would be because as i recall, i think this court also -- you give them legitimacy. >> if they independently advocate and that are upstanding citizens and they spend 10 hours explaining why he is being badly treated, that gives them legitimacy. it is perfectly permissible. just the fact of giving legitimacy cannot by itself eliminate their first amendment rights, can it? >> no, it doesn't. the government has said, if you are speaking independently, even if that might in some way assist, we have made loud and clear that is not covered by the statue. that still does not mean that if instead, you are acting under the direction and control of the entity, and you are providing them with ways to give them legitimacy, we are saying that is covered by the statute. >> i believe asked you a humanitarian law project, if there is material support i
intertwined at our world economy is, how world events beyond our control can affect all of us. it makes it all the more important that we control those things we can. i want to speak with you today about one of the threats that we are experiencing personally -- rising energy prices. i want to share some of the steps the republicans are ready to take right now, steps that will protect america from international conflict, create thousands of new jobs, reduce our budget deficit, and help bring energy prices back down to earth. nationwide, prices have risen by 40 cents by the past month and have doubled since january 2009. a gallon of gas is heading north of $4. that is not just pain at the pump, it is crippling for anyone with bills to pay, groceries to buy, or a loan to me. when gasoline prices go up, families and businesses are stretched thin, budgets are harder to balance, and jobs are destroyed. it energy prices keep climbing, our nation couldst brief slip back into recession just as we are emerging from the last one. the worst part is that our own government deserves much of the blame. inter
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8